Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was a day of progress for me.  So as this blog is about my journey, I thought I'd do some progress posts every once-in-awhile.  It's quite possible no one will ever read them and that's OK, since they'll probably be more embarrassing than not.  Nevertheless they'll be a point of accountability for me.

Today marks an important day for me in my journey to optimal health.  My journey started at 199 lbs (I would NOT let myself see the big 200!).  My original goal was simply to lose weight.  That goal has not only been attained BUT I learned that weight loss shouldn't be the primary goal.  Instead it should be a strong and healthy body (here's to optimal health!!).  So today I officially reached 40 lbs lost.  It took 8 months to get here.  I've been saying I lost 40 lbs for over a month now.  But really I was off by 1-3 lbs, depending on what time of day and whether I'd eaten ice cream or not!  I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to be 1 lb from your target for over 1 month and just not able to hit it.

On this journey I've spent a lot of time praying.  When I get stuck or frustrated, or just can't give up a certain type of food...I take it to the Lord.  It seems like every time I've laid it out before Him, He's been faithful to get me past and onto my next goal.  So this past week I again went to the Lord and shared my frustrations.  Through that time with Him I began to re-evaluate what I've been doing differently.  And I also came to realize I have been victorious this past month in maintaining one weight (depending on the time of day and...yep, the whole ice cream thing again!) and that when I eat 100% clean I will maintain a steady weight.  No more yo-yos!  That really was huge for me.

This past month I also lost my craving for ice cream.  (WHAT!)  I know - I'm pretty shocked myself.  My tastes continue to evolve and I find I'm no longer desiring things that I previously couldn't live without.  The "secret sugars" I was still inviting into my diet.  Those would include Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream (made with all whole foods) and Fresh & Easy vanilla Greek yogurt.

This week I officially:
  • reached 40 lbs weight loss
  • stopped eating ice cream (I'm sure I'll still enjoy on occasion)
  • made the leap from Greek yogurt with sugar to Greek yogurt without sugar!!!
  • began eating a lot more raw snacks AND find them satisfying!
I also evaluated the things that I had changed the past month and added these back in, resulting in finally reaching my target:
  • drinking 66 oz of water a day (3 of my big Tervis tumblers!), one as soon as I wake up in the morning
  • drinking 1 glass of 1/2 squeezed lemon and 1 tbsp maple syrup then filling the rest of the glass up with ice water, also first thing in the morning
  • drinking 2 raw green smoothies a day, 22 oz each  (I had cut back to 1 and then was sharing that one with the kids.  It's amazing what a difference the smoothie makes!)
  • at the gym I'd cut out all core exercises (not sure why...other than I have been sick the past two weeks and before that...laziness??).  So I added two main ones back into my daily routine.
The great thing about meeting a goal is getting to set a new one. I love new beginnings and fresh starts! So here's to the next 10 lbs and the lessons I'm going to learn in getting there!

Have you reached a health goal that you're dying to "shout out" to the world?  Go ahead and share and let us cheer you on!


  1. Well, not really a health goal, but a food one. We've been journeying down the raw foods path and I've been o.k. with our raw dinners, but not loving them. The last 2 nights our dinners have been fabulous! So tasty. It ALMOST makes me forget I'm missing a big hunk of meat and a fluffy gluten free muffin!

  2. Congratulations! That is HUGE! And it is a health goal really...because in the end, that's why you're eating raw.

  3. I'm 45 lbs down from 220 lbs. I do yoga, weights, and cardio. I don't cut out sugar; just cut back on it. I did a lifestyle change that includes more fiber and veggies and lean proteins. I chose this lifestyle change not to diet, but to get healthier and in doing so, the doctor cut back my meds and my Crohns is now minimized. :o) My doctor is more than pleased.

  4. Awesome! Some big changes good for you! This month I am trying to think more about what God would want in my mouth and why. I get the health benefits you can't deny them but I know that if I don't think more on what God intended for my body then it is to easy to waiver for me! I will update at the end of the month. What are some of your favourite green smoothie recipes. I am always looking for more!

  5. Hey Amy,
    I have been exploring clean eating and healthy living for about the last 5 years and feel like I finally have some clarity in it all. Praise God for that. All the info out there can be so overwhelming and confusing. I also would like the recipes you use for your raw green smoothies.

    As far as sweeteners go, have you explored Xylitol? It is an all natural sweetener with none of the toxins in the other sweeteners. It is expensive, but if you only use it sparingly it can last. It is also anti-bacterial so it is good for your body in lots of ways.

    Keep up the good work, Amy! I am proud of you and you are keeping me accountable just by your journey.

  6. Oh Praise the Lord! So exciting to hear from each of you. It really is such a personal and individual journey and when you're walking it with the Lord, it become a spiritual journey as well. I will do my next blog on the smoothies :-) I'll share my resources but just fair warning...I don't actually use a recipe. But I'll share what steps I follow. Maybe that is a recipe?? lol I love each of you - thanks for your encouragement! Nikki - congrats on the awesome progress!!