Monday, September 12, 2011


I am a spontaneous planner, so while this post was not the next one I had intended to write, I guess it fits with my nature to go a little off course and slot this in here.  Overwhelmed.  Kind of an ironic title considering my blog two-times ago was titled "Progress".  As I'm going along this journey, there is just so much to learn.  

I get asked a lot if I've watched this or that documentary/TV show.  People are always surprised to hear that no, I actually have not watched anything!  (other than Extreme Makeover: Weight-loss that show!)  I get suggestions all the time.  "Watch this." or "You just have to see this..."  And I'm always coming up with excuses as to why I have not taken the time to watch these documentaries.  My sister can attest to that!  (She's the main one I make excuses to.)  I think a big part of it is that I just hate anything non-fiction.  I'm not a big documentary person.  I watch or read to relax and learning is not my idea of relaxation.  I am easily overwhelmed with new info and it takes me awhile to process it.

So I've been pondering lately, why don't I watch these?  I've boiled it down to this: increased awareness = increased responsibility.  And that takes time.  And effort.  Am I willing to put that into my journey to find optimal health?  I tend to learn in big chunks but then take awhile to chew, swallow, digest...  And I'm not willing to bite off another chunk for quite awhile.  Well, I've been in that digestion section for too long and, despite feeling like I'm not ready to learn more...It's being thrust at me whether I like it or not.

So the afore mentioned documentaries people keep asking me if I've watched...they are:
  • Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
  • Food, Inc.
  • Food Matters
  • The Future of Food
  • Earthlings
I will be watching soon and you can probably expect a blog of my thoughts at some point.

                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The great thing about friends is that they all have such great advice and so many tips.  One friend asked if I'd read Never Be Sick Again: Health is a Choice, Learn How to Choose It by Raymond Francis and Kester Cotton.  I hadn't but immediately logged onto Amazon and had it on my Kindle within a few seconds.  I started reading it yesterday and by the end of page 1 I knew I was now biting off another chunk, even though I hadn't intended to do that.

Basically the book says there is only one disease.  That disease is malfunctioning cells.  It doesn't matter what forms diseases manifest in (i.e. cancer, lupus, cold/flu, etc...), it all goes back to one problem.  Cells aren't functioning properly.  So instead of treating the symptoms (which is what modern medicine does), the cells themselves need to be taken care of.  There are two causes of cellular malfunction: Deficiency (not feeding the right foods to the cells) and Toxicity (feeding the wrong things to the cells).  And there are six pathways to achieve Optimal Health: nutrition, toxin, psychological, physical, genetic, medical.  All six are required for Optimal Health to be achieved.  Now here is where I get Overwhelmed.  I've been focusing on nutrition and physical (exercise) thinking that was all that was necessary to obtain Optimal Health.  Now suddenly instead of just 2 I have 6!  Oh my goodness....

I have a lot more reading and learning to do from this book.  I'm sure you'll hear more in the future.  I'm only 2 chapters in but already I beg each of you to please please get a copy and read it!

Simultaneously, today I took the kids out to a farm about 1/2 hr away in the middle of the Arizona desert.  It was called Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm "All Natural is Better Than Organic".  It was going to be just a fun outing with the kids to see a farm, buy some fresh produce and meet a turkey (or 10!).  This tour turned out to be more educational for me than anything!  I had not gone with the intention to learn, but Rob just filled my head with so many facts...both fascinating and terrifying...that I feel about to explode with information!  I plan on going back, hopefully with a group of friends, taking pictures, writing notes and doing a proper blog about Tonopah Rob.  But for now, here is a summary of what I learned.  (Oh - I have to mention, Rob had read my blog!)
  • Because of eating all-naturally, Rob has not been sick for 15 years!  He recommends making soup out of one of his chickens as the best cure for a cold...better in 2 days!
  • He has some of the purest soil and water around.
  • He uses no pesticides but through trial/error has discovered which plants grow well together (i.e. carrots and tomatoes), which plants will drive off bad bugs requiring no use of any pesticides, and which bugs are necessary for plants to thrive (more than just bees!).
  • Most of the fruit in America that we find in our grocery stores was picked 1-2 years ago!  It's stored in cement buildings where the oxygen has been sucked out and chemicals pumped in to keep the un-ripened fruit in it's present condition until farmers are ready to sell it at market.  SCARY!!
  • Most soy and corn products in America are genetically modified.
  • We are sending our genetically modified food to Africa and those eating it have seen an increase in birth defects.  It used to be 1 in 12 and now it's 1 in 3!  According to new research, by the time my grandchildren are born, there will only be a 50% chance of a child being born healthy.  And why?  It's all about what we eat.
I know this has been a lot.  See why I'm overwhelmed?  I want to provide the safest and healthiest possible future for my children and, if Christ hasn't returned yet, my grandchildren.  I also want to keep my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, a place worthy of His dwelling.  And so I press on and keep learning more and figuring out how to apply it into my life.

If anyone is interested in visiting Tonopah Rob with me soon...let me know!  We'll schedule a trip out.  I definitely recommend going.  He does tours on Saturdays only and they're free!

Share: Where are you in your journey to Optimal Health and what is making you feel overwhelmed?


  1. I'd love to see Rob's farm and then come home home and recreate what I learned!

  2. You can contact Rob through the link above and find out about his classes. He's going to be teaching free farming classes (i.e. farm in your backyard!) but he asks that when you have product you sell a portion at a local farmer's market to help stimulate the cycle of natural foods. My sister's definitely going to do it and I'd love to too. Maybe you can come down and we can do it together!