The things I am passionate about define me.  I'd like to share a little of who I am for those who don't know me well.  Maybe you'll find something of interest to you here as well!

I am...
  • a child of the One and Only Living God
  • a mom of 3 amazing children (ages 6,5,3)
  • wife to a wonderful husband who is also a pastor
  • a co-coordinator for my local MOPS group
  • a service lead for the pre-school department at my church
  • a home-based employee for a local realtor group
I have...
  • a heart to see the nations know Christ
  • a passion to see the unhealthy find health
  • love for moms with babies to pre-schoolers at home and the desire to encourage them to be better moms
  • an enjoyment for most things crochet (modern styles that is!)
  • a love of prayer and communication with my Savior
My Passions by Link:
  • My Church ~ I love my church!! ~ Palm Valley Church
  • My MOPS group ~ i.e. Mother's of Preschoolers ~ Trinity Lutheran MOPS
  • Vision to see every foster child in Arizona adopted!  No Child Waiting
  • My favorite crochet pattern site ~ the CUTEST things!! ~ Sunset Crochet
  • Thirty-One ~ not only do I absolutely adore these bags BUT if you're thinking of going clean, they have a huge selection of the cutest thermal lunch totes around!  You'll need one for sure for your "out-and-about" food cooler! (I have 2 I use daily.)
  • AmeriPlan ~ I've worked from home with Ameriplan for the past 5 years.  Tired of paying full price on dental - this is the company with the plan for you!  Click here for details!
  • Melaleuca is one of my favorite companies.  If I'm going to eat healthy and chemical free, I should give my home the same consideration... especially with kids in the house.