Along this journey of clean eating I have discovered a wealth of wonderful resources that have provided me with education, encouragement, recipes and ideas.  Many people have asked me to share what I've learned and this page is partially why I started that I would have one central location I could send people to retrieve the resources I am putting to use.  Below you will find my very favorite sites, the links and a brief description of what I've found of value in each location.

  • The Eat-Clean Diet  Tosca Reno's website is the very foundation for all things "clean".  You'll find a community, hundreds of recipes and excellent explanations of what clean eating is.
  • Living Raw by Grace  Haley Turney has been my mentor on all things Raw.  If you're struggling with chronic and debilitating diseases, read her story and see how changing what you eat can change your health and your life.
  • The Gracious Pantry If you do a web-search for clean-eating recipes, Tiffany is pretty much the first person you'll find every time.  She has a host of amazing, delicious and easy clean recipes that I've just fallen in love with!
  • Chocolate Covered Katie ...the Healthy Dessert Blog!  Say what??  If you've got a sweet-tooth like me, you'll love Katie's site!  I drool just looking at her pictures! 
  • The Juice Master by Jason Vale.  Learn about juicing from the master!
Places to Shop!

  • Brad's Raw Foods boasts "the world's healthiest chip".  I might of the most delicious too!  They are vegan, not baked or fried, natural and gluten free.  Can't beat that!
Videos to Watch! (available on Netflix)