Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Music to Get Ya Movin' ~ or Runnin'

I'm one of those average people.  I've never been really good, or really bad for that matter, at anything (well, except for piano playing...I was pretty bad at that!).  For the most part I've accepted my mediocre lot in life.  But occasionally I wonder, if I believed in reincarnation, what would I want to come back to earth and be REALLY good at?  Like a professional singer, dancer, musician, sportsman, published author...  I'm not talking about high school team good...I'm talking Olympics kind of good.  Do you ever wonder that?

About 6 months ago I was in one of my funky moods, thinking about all of this and bemoaning the fact that none of that will ever be in this lifetime.  I started to think, what is one thing I've always wanted to do and always said I couldn't do...something that I can strive for NOW.  Singing was an obvious no - I sing totally off-key, much to my worship-leader husband's chagrin.  Then running came to mind.  I always said it hurt too much, my knees hurt, it was hard to breathe...I had a million reasons to hate running.  But I secretly envied runners and wished I could be one.  After reading one particular book, I realized that some pain is good.  Pain can be an indicator of growth.  I'd always been one to think of pain as bad but this was a revolutionary concept for me.  If I was going to become a runner...it was going to hurt!  But I decided that this was one dream I could accomplish in this life, no matter how hard it was.

While I don't exactly look like this...

...yet!  I look a little more like this....

...for now!  But I'm working my way to the first picture!  I'm up to running 1.75 miles/22 min (straight - no breaks!) on a treadmill and I'm working up the courage to do my first 5K.  I'm getting there!

One of the most important things I've discovered for my running is the importance of having the right music.  So I've spent the last 6 months searching for just the right songs to enjoy/motivate and that will have the right beat to match my steps to.  My running/walking time is also partially worship time so it was important to me to find solid Christian music.  I don't really know how to describe the music I like...happy and bouncy?  I save this music only for exercise and it's a great motivator.  I want to listen so I want to run.  I'm going to list the music I've come to love to exercise to in case this will narrow down the search for anyone else.  And if you have a favorite song - please share!  I'm always looking to add to my repertoire.

(Group listed first - Names of songs listed under.  Someday I'll figure out how to get them on the site so you can listen while you read.)

  • California
  • For a Rainy Day
  • Unshaken
  • Alive
Big Daddy Weave
  • Fields of Grace
  • Happy Day
  • Watching Over Me
Heather Williams
  • God is Still God
Hillsongs United
  • Freedom is Here
Lincoln Brewster
  • Reaching For You
  • Best Days
  • Today is the Day
  • My Deliverer
  • Stronger
  • Good Morning
  • Waiting for Tomorrow
Matt Maher
  • Turn Around
Peter Furler
  • Reach
Scott Krippayne
  • I'm Not Cool
Sidewalk Prophets
  • Just Might Change Your Life
  • You Love Me Anyway
  • You Will Never Leave Me
AHHH ~ I'm ready to go running again right now!

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