Saturday, September 10, 2011

Guess the Hidden Ingredient

The other evening I was preparing a Clean-Eating dinner for my family.  Now, please understand, I don't cook dinner very often.  My husband is Korean and prefers to eat his own food and the kids and I tend to eat smaller for dinner.  But once a week I do try and pull together an actual, hot (IF I can get everyone sitting down together quick enough) meal.  Here is a picture of what I served:

And here is the ingredient list:

  • pork tenderloin (sliced thin and browned in frying pan...could also grill)
  • baby potatoes (cut into chunks and boiled)
  • agave (drizzled over the potatoes)
  • corn (on the cob!! ~ love this season of veggies!!)
  • Lawry's Garlic Salt (sprinkled over the boiled corn and potatoes)
  • sesame oil and sea salt (to dip the pork in...Korean style!)
SO.... given that limited ingredient list, can you guess the hidden ingredient?

You know that old saying, pride comes before a fall?  Well I was pretty darn proud of my little meal.  As I was finishing it up and was putting it onto the serving dishes my thoughts went something like this:  "Remember back as a kid when I hated corn on the cob?  I had to put so much butter an salt onto it just to eat it.  Look at me now!  I'm doing so great.  All I'm putting on my potatoes and corn is garlic salt.  I sure do love garlic salt.  It's such a perfect seasoning for all veggies.  That's all you don't even need butter on veggies for them to taste fabulous with garlic salt.  If anyone ever told me this wasn't clean I think I'd...I'd...this IS clean, isn't it?  This better be clean.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!   There's SUGAR as a main ingredient in Lawry's Garlic Salt?  Stink.  No wonder I love it so much!"

Yes, all that was going on inside my head as I headed back into the battle with sugar.  Is it any wonder this nation is addicted to sugar?  Everything is processed and pretty much everything processed contains sugar.  (Lawry's Garlic Salt does have other items in it to make it un-clean as well, much to my disappointment.)  So I'll be finding another version of garlic salt that is sugar-free and taking one more step towards victory in this battle over unexpected (in a not-good-way) sweet surprises.

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