Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Many times in my blogs and on my resources page I've mentioned Haley Turney of Living Raw by Grace.  I've done some classes with her and have all of her cookbooks, regularly preparing, sharing and enjoying many of her recipes.  Last night she had a graduates potluck that I was very eager to attend.  I couldn't wait to see what other recipes people had come up with while eating some amazing and healthy food.  I also needed to go to "re-set" my brain and be reminded of why I've choosing to eat Clean and Raw.

Sometimes despite the knowledge gathered and the best of intentions, old habits are just too hard to slip back into.  A bite of this here, a piece of that there and then suddenly I can't claim to be eating Clean or Raw at all.  So attending last night was a great refresher of the health benefits to eating well (and I'll actually go here and say - eating right!).

We watched an incredible video called "Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" .  If you have a family history of diabetes or have diabetes yourself, I highly recommend getting ahold of this video and taking an hour to watch.  The movie follows 6 people beginning with their lives at home, showing the types of food they eat and describes how bad their diabetes is.  It's so tragic to watch the hopelessness they live with on a daily basis.  Each of them replied to a Craig's List ad to reverse their diabetes in 30 days.  It was their last hope if they wanted to live...not just live a fantastic life...but to live!  They came to a farm in Patagonia, Arizona (I'm from here and had never heard of Patagonia before!) for 30 days of isolation, training, and medical care but most importantly - of eating raw food.  30 days later they had ALL lost a minimum of 25 lbs and were off of all medications and insulin.  They looked so healthy and happy - and hopeful.

It just amazes me that when we go back to the way God created the earth, with the foods He designed to be perfect for our bodies, the wonderful health benefits that are reaped.  This whole journey of food, with all of it's trials and errors, has left me profoundly amazed with the Creation story and the perfection of The Garden of Eden.  Prior to this year, I could never understand how Adam and Eve were supposed to survive in the garden with "just" whole fresh fruits and veggies to eat.  How boring!  But now unboring it truly was.  Leave it to a sinful people to see perfection as boring.  And now, with all of the master chefs in the world preparing incredible foods from whole, raw ingredients, we have no excuses not to be enjoying God's complete food gifts to their fullest extent.  (I write to myself - the Queen of Excuses!)

It's my hope that someday someone with diabetes will read this and that their life will be saved.  Truly this information is life-saving and it's not info that a doctor will ever give them (you).  Part of my journey to optimal health was to avoid diabetes.  Given how I was eating and my sugar addiction, I was on a path of intersection with the disease, especially since I have a family history of it.  "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" has become my motto and according to the doctors, I'm doing it successfully!  I hope you will as well.  Here's the link to the Simply Raw site.  If you sign up for their newsletter you'll get some freebies to help kick-start your journey.  Good luck...and I wish you a future full of Hope.

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